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In Your Words


A new approach that complements traditional cancer care

“Traditional approaches to cancer care may significantly benefit from the addition of complementary strategies including lifestyle modification, acupuncture and mind-body practices like meditation. These practices may complement (never replace) patients’ traditional oncology care and support patients through and beyond treatments.”

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Deepti Behl, M.D.

Medical director, Sutter Institute for Medical Research in Sacramento


Training radiographers through cutting edge techology

“The field of diagnostic imaging has undergone a dramatic digital revolution since our school was founded. Our hospital is unique because it stays on the cutting edge of technology, which benefits both our patients and our students.”

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Cynthia Payne, Ph.D.

Program director, School of Diagnostic Imaging, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center


Finding healthy choices with the Sweet Study

“Healthier beverage choices at work can help us make healthier choices at home. We anticipate this study and its findings will help reduce calorie consumption and decrease the incidence of obesity among Sutter Health employees.”

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Nisha Patel, D.O.

Chief Wellness Officer, Sutter West Bay Medical Group


In Video

Aisha Amin, M.D.
The PAMF internal medicine physician says that Sutter’s commitment to innovation helps set it apart from other healthcare systems.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery – Minimally Invasive Hernia Repair
Hernia repair with the da Vinci Surgical System takes the human hand to the next level. This procedure involves less pain, less blood loss and helps patients get back to their lives.

da Vinci Robotic Surgery – Complex Surgery Made Easy
When Erleen Hirsch had severe diverticulitis, she turned to the Robotic Surgery program at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento.

Leading with Values: Guidance and Resources for You

As we work to achieve the vision of transforming healthcare, we root our culture—and our leadership—in our Sutter Health values. Please refer to these values-related resources, including printable materials, focused recognition cards, background materials and other tools.

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