We act openly and truthfully in everything we do.


In Your Words


Openness, transparency–and employees’ confidence in leadership

“Being open and honest with our staff is huge for me. I believe in transparency and talking directly to staff. Having staff understand what is going on or why changes are happening makes a difference in their confidence in leadership.”

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Traci Sheesley

Administrative director, hospital operations, SMCS and incoming CNE, Sutter Davis Hospital


She trusts the science behind the medical miracle of COVID-19 vaccines

“As someone who believes in the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines and has faith that we will overcome this virus, I have a unique perspective that I find resonates with people. I often say the vaccines are a modern miracle, because they were developed using the latest technology in answer to countless prayers.”

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Cynthia Mendoza

Medical assistant, PAMF


She listened to trusted Sutter doctors and teammates–and got the vaccine

“I am fortunate to work in healthcare. I listened to the people I believe and trust and who have dedicated their lives to researching the vaccine. And I decided it was time.”

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Niki Prothro

Applications analyst, SHIS


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