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The importance of exercise to keep aging bodies safe

“If you have less muscle mass, then you want the muscles you do have to be as strong as possible. If you don’t have the greatest native balance because of your vestibular system, you can actually exercise and train your vestibular system so it gets used to more movement and more challenges, so it knows what to do with them.”

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Jessica Davidson, M.D.

Internist and geriatrician, PAMF


Promoting the benefits of a good night’s sleep for kids

“As adults, we feel fatigue when deprived of sleep. But studies show that sleep deprived children typically exhibit hyperactivity and quick mood swings. Fortunately, behavior improves significantly once children have a consistent bedtime that gives them adequate sleep.”

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Ronesh Sinha, M.D.

Internal medicine specialist, PAMF


Seamless stroke care saves lives at Sutter

“Mechanical thrombectomy helps fight strokes quickly and successfully. When used in conjunction with tPA and medical treatments, this method significantly reduces stroke-related disability and mortality.”

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David Bonovich, M.D.

Neurologist, ABSMC


In Video

CPMC parking attendants Virgilio Villaruel and Randolph Bordon noticed new parents installing car seats incorrectly in the front passenger seat of their car–so they stopped the family from leaving until they installed the car seats correctly.


#SutterProud with Sara Singh
She came to Sutter’s integrated network hoping to find better care for her son. She was so impressed that she decided to come to work at Sutter Health, too.

Anna Lynn Quismorio, R.N. 
Labor and delivery nurse describes her connection to the Sutter Health value ‘Excellence & Quality’.

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