We treat those we serve and one another with concern, kindness and respect.


In Your Words


Lessons in resilience and recovery

“At some point in our lives, most all of us will become a caregiver to a parent, child, spouse, significant other or family member. Life can change in a moment, but you can learn to adapt and achieve a whole new normal.”

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Tracy Messineo

CEO, Sutter Select, and VP, Total Health & Productivity Management


How individual wellness impacts the care you give others

“Your own individual wellness will ultimately impact the care you give. Wellness is vital to the safety of ourselves and our patients. If we can’t find balance and focus in the moment, someone could be harmed—and that someone could be you.

“It’s important to put yourself first to pursue the act of healing.”

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Rochelle Lonn, R.N., MSN

Director of Oncology Services and interim director of Maternal Child Health Services, Memorial Medical Center


The daily salvation of self-care

“I used to think that people who used self-care were weak and that if I didn’t sacrifice everything, then I shouldn’t be a physician. In my mind, it was all or nothing. I came to realize that I needed a life where I didn’t need relief from my life. I talked to some ICU nurses about this, and one of them had a great point. She said, ‘Why do we need to empty our cups before we fill them up again?'”

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Rishi Menon, M.D.

Cardiologist, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


In Video

Tara Gibson
Volunteering to help the homeless is one way that Novato Community Hospital Nurse Tara Gibson gives back to the community.

Shareef Salameh
Through volunteering in the community, Sutter Health employee Shareef Salameh embodies the Sutter value of compassion and caring.

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