We recognize that the power of our combined efforts exceeds what we can accomplish individually, and we are accountable to each other and to our customers.


She’s Sutter proud of Sutter nurses

“I’m so proud of all the extraordinary work our nurses do to make this place work. It’s amazing how hard people work. I’m very proud of this place.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Mary Blanchard, R.N.

Interim ICU supervisor, CPMC Van Ness


CPMC and SMCS–and IS–working together to benefit transplant team EHR users

“The collaboration has been great to ensure we have standardization across the entire system. A lot of work went into this, but it’s worth it. We are hopeful that we will have a final product that is useful and makes our job and documentation easier.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Harish Mahanty, M.D.

Transplant surgeon, California Pacific Medical Center


The team helps children reach their potential

“We’re a very integrated team that problem solves together with families to assess and partner on the best route for treatment. I think we all collectively know that what we do is making a positive difference in children’s lives.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Suzanne Giraudo, Ed.D.

Clinical director, Kalmanovitz Child Development Center, CPMC


The importance of the team approach in caring for older patients

“Older adults have special medical, social and other needs that are more effectively addressed with the right coordination of care.”

Read more on Vitals.

Sara Cohen, R.N., M.S.

Geriatric clinical nurse specialist, Mission Bernal Campus, CPMC


The team helps NICU babies flourish

“It takes a long time for these children to grow and be able to move on in their lives. Our NICU team is incredible. We all work together in harmony. This has been my life’s work, and I’m so proud of what we do.”

Read more on Vitals.

Laura Rutherford, R.N.

NICU staff nurse, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center


Teamwork and the integrity of the mission

“In the military, you’re part of a team. That’s how I feel with Sutter: We’re a team. We support one another. Just as in the military, we have integrity to our mission of taking care of our patients.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Margaret Ervin

Regional veterans coordinator, Sutter Hospice, SCAH


The strength in bridging differences to become a team

“Being different doesn’t mean it’s bad. Be patient. We’re all so different, and that’s good. My strength may be someone else’s weakness, and somebody else’s strength is my weakness. That means we’ll make a great team.

“That’s what life’s all about.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Lisa Leslie, R.N.

Staff nurse, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Medical Center


Helping medical residents learn their skills

“Our team approach helps ensure coordinated care delivery.

“It’s a highly interactive process and ideal for mentorship. Rounding is the most important educational tool physicians have to develop their skills and confidence as care.”

Read more on Vitals.

Maggie So, M.D.

Hospitalist and director of internal medicine residency program, CPMC


Teamwork in the time of COVID

“This has been and continues to be an extraordinary time. None of us have ever been through something like this. Despite this adversity, however, our team continues to embody Sutter Health’s values every day. They are truly walking the talk.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Barbara Eusebio, R.N.

Chief nurse executive, Memorial Medical Center


Staying connected virtually as the Pride IRG team

“We’ve had teammates from all over the Sutter network join our meetings. Some attendees say that they are the only openly LGBTQ+ person on their team or at their hospital. They are very thankful to be in a safe and affirming place, knowing that they are not alone but are blessed and celebrated.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Ben Curry

Critical care chaplain, SMCS


Safe patient mobilization takes a team effort

“The safety team’s expertise and recommendations were extremely valuable. We were able to transfer the bariatric patient to and from the OR bed safely for both the patient and the OR staff.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Christel Reynes, R.N.

Operating room supervisor, CPMC


He’s part of a team standing up mass vaccination clinics

“The speed at which we have been able to come together and pull our resources to make this all happen has been incredible.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Ben Ford

Desktop engineer, SHIS


Sutter’s IS lab team adapted quickly when COVID became the priority

“People wear lots of different hats on this team. We get a lot of variety working on different things. If you weren’t working on COVID, you were taking the load off someone who was because there were still tickets to respond to, there was still EHR upgrade and projects to complete.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

David Robb

Manager, enterprise lab and pathology support, SHIS


She loves her team and their teamwork

“I work with so many over-the-top-amazing nurses. I feel thankful for each vital member on our team.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Rachelle Dilbeck, R.N.

Staff nurse III, Sutter Delta Medical Center


The teams come together for patients

“We know that each team’s role serves a purpose in delivering the highest level of care to patients. So many teams and work efforts are in place to ensure this.”

Umar Mohammad

Supervisor, Service Management, SHIS


Virtual games help build her team’s COVID-era trust and productivity

“Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic can make it difficult to build and maintain a cohesive team. To maintain team bonding, we in the Big Data team from Enterprise Data Management started virtual team bonding sessions every Friday afternoon.This has helped boost team morale and encourages creativity and positive reinforcement.

“Every week, a team member hosts the virtual activity of their choice. So far, we had around eight team building activities, including scavenger hunt, virtual memory workout games, virtual Pictionary and guessing the childhood pictures. We also had a mindfulness session where we did a meditation and a memory workout session to improve mental performance.

“These team building activities are a way for us to get to know each other better and have helped increase productivity, efficiency and collaboration. Our team has grown closer as we create trust in a supportive environment.”

Swetha Gunta

Technical analyst, Enterprise Data Management


She applauds teammates for ‘grace, speed and accuracy’ during the pandemic

“One silver lining during the pandemic was that every evening at 7 p.m. people in my neighborhood would gather on their rooftops to applaud essential workers for their sacrifices. I’d like to clap now for the individuals at Sutter who make up SHEMS and Public Affairs. I’ve been watching, and here’s what I’ve seen: It’s your tireless work that helps make our network truly integrated. You are the gatekeepers of critical information, both internally and externally.

“I know the latest information on COVID-19 and the wildfires thanks to the daily SHEMS situation report. I read the Know Do Shares for the latest protocols on care. I also visit the Sutter Newsroom for stories highlighting Sutter’s innovation, commitment to equality, excellent level of patient care and beyond. I’ve witnessed my colleagues, who are uncertain about circumstances in their own lives, take on the behind-the-scenes work of internal and patient communications, as well as managing the daily stream of media requests. This team approaches their role as information gatekeepers with grace, speed and accuracy. I’m in awe, and I applaud each of you.”

Ashley Boarman

Media relations program manager, Sutter Health


Weathering the pandemic storms, as a team

“Our department has weathered many storms during this COVID-19 crisis. We have had retirements. Staffing shortages. We have worried about our teammates. But through it all, we have been the team that we can be proud of. We have worked other shifts. Different departments. All without a thought to our personal inconvenience. We have moved some of our offices. The only consistent thing was change.

“From day to day, we just said, ‘What is the adjustment to our normal today?’ I am most proud of the unity our coworkers have felt for each other.”

Carol Noviskie

Patient access representative, Sutter Amador Hospital


Supporting COVID-19 requests through DMC teamwork

“Our charge now is, ‘If it’s related to COVID-19 and the Document Management Center receives an ask, it’s going to get done.’ We are going to take it on to support the team—we’ll figure out a way to do it, no question about it.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

James M. Taylor

Document Management Center supervisor, Sutter Shared Services


Cheers for the AIM team during COVID-19

“In these new times, working from home during the pandemic and managing the new challenges that come with it, I admire my coworkers. They do so much extra work now, and they still bring 100% to the Advanced Illness Management team! They are always there to help! Thank you! #SutterStrong #AIM”

Trudy Roberts

AIM clinical specialist, Sutter Hospice


Staying #SutterStrong in the middle of the pandemic

“We have worked together as a team to provide encouragement and safety in a time when we are all faced with uncertainty and panic. Every day, we reach out to one another to make sure that each one of us is doing OK mentally and physically.

“Thank you to a great management team, who go above and beyond to make us feel safe. They go that extra step by living the Sutter values and having compassion. I have never felt such pride in my work as I do now. I am happy to work for Sutter Health! #SutterStrong”

Melissa Reczek

Provider relations coordinator, Sutter Bay Medical Foundation


They texted their ‘first COVID-19 warrior’ all through the night

“We’re trying to find our new normal and connect with each other in different ways. Night shift nurse Pam Kaur was our first COVID-19 warrior. We wanted her to know she wasn’t alone, no matter the time, day or night. We told her, ‘You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.’”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Terri Simpson-Tucker, R.N., MSN

Administrator, Sutter Care at Home's Hospice of the Valley


The team keeps COVID-19 lines of communication strong

“Our IS team sends out a Special System Notice about  EHR changes related to COVID-19 several times a week, and that requires many sign-offs by our executive team. We have worked to come up with a process to streamline this approval, so our end users have access to this information in a timely fashion.

“Without everyone providing feedback on this process and offering input on best practices and solutions, we wouldn’t have made the progress we have made in the last two months. Everyone has been so flexible in meeting at the last minute and in late hours to ensure the information is concise and accurate. I appreciate the amazing teamwork by this group, especially since I am newer to IS.”

Angela Borchert

Program manager, IS communications


As the pandemic evolves, the team learns together

“Collaboratively, our teams have worked together to keep patients safe. We learn daily. Where we started with our knowledge is not where we are now. There are opportunities to learn and grow as a team every day. The pandemic is evolving, and we improve every day. Safety is part of that. So is compassion.”

Mary Jackson, R.N.

ICU clinical manager, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


She loves her team–so in the time of COVID-19, she fed the entire hospital staff

“Sutter stood by me when no one else in my life could. The organization provided incredible support for our team, and I felt it was important for me to do the same in our current situation. The way our team supports each other is why Sutter Health is such a special place to work. This is what teamwork looks like to me.”

Read more on Sutter Health’s newsroom

Loren Lafon

Dietary aide, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital


Her team helped with a chain of donations for COVID-19 workers

“Healthcare is a 24-hour operation, and I wanted our team to show love and appreciation to our frontline workers for the incredibly important work they’re doing to keep our community safe.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Danielle Tillman

Senior HRIS analyst, Sutter Shared Services


Caring for the team–through cooking for the team

“I love to cook, and I show how much I appreciate those I work with by bringing in healthy, homemade treats for them. They love it, and I enjoy hearing their comments. That alone makes my day, because I truly care about every one of them. Without their support and teamwork, I couldn’t get my job done every day!”

Dani Lewis

Creative services coordinator, Sutter Independent Physicians

Teamwork brings CHSR to life 

“We are a very diverse group of investigators and research staff working in health services and health policy research, precision medicine, clinical research and research operations. Since 2018, we’ve been hard at work creating a new Center of Health Systems Research (CHSR), merging two office staffs, harmonizing job categories, deploying research staff in new ways and dealing with fewer resources.

“We work together extremely well on Sutter- and grant-funded studies to support Sutter’s goals of providing safe, personal, affordable and accessible care.”

Elaine Szeto

Project manager, Palo Alto Research Institute

‘Teamwork is crucial’

“Ihave been an oncology nurse at the comprehensive cancer center for 28 years, and I’ve been part of radiation since 1998. Our team is just that–a true team. Teamwork is crucial in our department. The compassionate care we provide is the core of oncology nursing. We pride ourselves in making our patients’ experience safe and personal to help make it less scary for them.”

Christina Meyers, R.N.

Radiation oncology, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center's Herrick Campus.

The absolute privilege of teamwork

“As a registered nurse caring for patients with neurological conditions, it’s an absolutely privilege and joy for me to be able to make a difference each day. I could not accomplish what I do without the teamwork of our awesome neurologists, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and support staff.”

George Mekeel, R.N.

Case manager, Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation, Berkeley

Giving back as a team

“Before working at Sutter Health, I needed to go the food bank for help. I had just had a child and we had bills to pay. I went to the food bank to get food for my family—it’s there for those who need to make ends meet. Now our S3 leadership team volunteers annually at the local food bank as a way to give back and bond as a team.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Katrina Hamilton

Accounts payable manager, Sutter Shared Services

Pride in teammates’ efforts

“I am so proud of our team! Day in and day out, we deal with product back orders and drug shortages. There have been times we’ve had to be the bearer of bad news, delivering difficult messages to our customers. But we still enjoy what we do and try very hard to please our customers, ensuring that they have the supplies and medications they need to take care of our patients.

“I am fortunate to work with a group of dedicated employees who take pride in what they do.”

Cecille Luna

Purchasing manager, Sutter Shared Services

‘Quietly committed to creating healing environments’

“We support the doctors and employees who serve patients. We manage furniture, signage, moves, medical equipment, miscellaneous equipment, space planning, construction—and more! (Left to right, Jenny Wong, Stella Sze, Kristin Moseley, Christina Nabarrete, Lisa Moro-Kelly and Nisrine Ayyach.)

“If you need an office converted from one-person to two-person, contact us. If you need to replace outdated medical equipment, contact us. If your waiting room chairs are getting worn, contact us. If you need more space in your clinic, contact us. I am extremely proud of our team members’ quiet dedication and commitment to creating empowering, healing environments. Our positive impact is that doctors and employees can do their jobs effectively and efficiently.”

Stella Sze

Regional manager, Facility Planning & Development, PAMF

Teamwork helps patients

“Iam so glad to be a part of the team in behavioral health. My team is amazing. We all have each other’s back!

“Our team has done an amazing job by being on track and making sure everything is done, from checking in patients, taking phone calls, making referrals, rooming patients—basically making sure our patients are cared for in a timely, efficient and caring manner.”

Prenita Prakash

Medical assistant, Sutter Gould behavioral health


The teamwork behind supplying PPE during the pandemic

“We assembled what we call the ‘tiger team’–a specialized group of individuals who came together to solve a specific problem. Our tiger team is made up of partners from value analysis, contracting, strategic sourcing, purchasing and then we also bring in system infection prevention, risk and clinical partners when needed.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Malia Weinberg

Stock control manager, Sutter Health


The importance of working as a team across the system to help oncology patients

“We are thrilled to have been able to collaborate and problem solve with multidisciplinary experts across Sutter’s integrated network on behalf of our patients.

“Sutter’s clinical oncology service line—through its shared tumor board and Programs of Oncology Distinction—delivers streamlined, high-quality patient care while helping build a learning health system that supports knowledge sharing and internal referrals.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Rajesh Behl, M.D.

Medical Director, Alta Bates Summit Comprehensive Cancer Center and chair of Sutter’s Hematology Malignancy Program of Oncology Distinction


The teamwork behind how Sutter saves lives from stroke

“We are proud of the multidisciplinary collaboration and decision making across Sutter’s clinical neuroscience service line, the stroke operating committee, stroke coordinators, emergency department leadership and Sutter Pharmacy that has made (clot-busting agent) tenecteplase standard of care for patients who require urgent treatment.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Jaime Smith, R.N.

Critical care nurse and stroke coordinator, Sutter Santa Rosa Hospital


How the Sutter team supports IHH and patient healing

“We practice integrative medicine by bringing the patient back to the center and working deeply with them to empower their healing process. Because we are part of Sutter Health, we can coordinate so our patients have the benefit of the best specialists, surgeons and cutting-edge medicine, if needed.”

Read more.

Toni Brayer, M.D.

Physician, Institute for Health and Healing, Sutter Health


‘Every job matters’ on the team

“In the military, I learned that every job matters. There is no insignificant job. We’re all one big team. In the hospital, I have high respect for all personnel, no matter their job description. The military taught me to respect the mission and all those who commit to accomplishing it.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Dennis Nichols

Staff chaplain, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


‘It’s about the team’

“My military training helps me lead my Sutter team. It’s not just about me, it’s about the team. I look out for everyone. The military taught me not to leave anyone behind.

“If someone needs to know something, I tell them right away. Quick communication has been key many times, and I’ve learned how to have difficult but necessary conversations. I also have learned the importance of resiliency and loyalty.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Ernesto Brizuela, R.N.

Nurse administrator, Sutter Alhambra Surgery Center


Teamwork and MPMC’s advanced new radiation therapy system

“So many teams worked together to make this possible, and we are excited to offer more of this type of advanced care to our community.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Joey P. Cheung, Ph.D., DABR

Chief physicist, Radiation Oncology Department, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center


A special thank you to the teams fighting COVID

“I wish you all could see it with my eyes. You are all amazing, and you might not even realize it. Well, I have to tell you. Our community thanks you. The medical staff thanks you. Your nursing colleagues thank you.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Leif Hass, M.D.

Hospitalist, ABSMC


The nimbleness of the team working together

“We’ve learned how to pivot during a crisis. With things changing all the time, we had to be nimble. Thankfully, everyone really worked as a team and did what they needed to do.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Dineen Greer, M.D.

Family medicine residency program director, SMCS


Supporting the teams that help patients

“I am most proud of my team at Sutter. They are always there, and completely focused on doing what’s right for our patients. My job is to get barriers out of their way so they can do their work. I work for them.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Erin Neal

Chief administrative officer, SPMF North


Teamwork helps young patient with cystic fibrosis and COVID recover

“We all put our heads together and did anything we could think of to get him through.”

Read more on Vitals.

Nhat M. Pham, D.O.

Pediatric critical care, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento


They’ve tackled the pandemic as a team

“Our frontline team has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic from day one. Every person within this hospital–our nurses, technicians, clinicians, administrative team, pharmacists, social workers, dieticians, EVS–has navigated this difficult puzzle to ensure our patients are getting the optimal care in every single area.

“And every day, this team chooses to keep walking through these doors. They choose to be here–for our patients, our colleagues and our community. The decision they make to fight on the frontlines of this virus is not the easy choice to make, and yet they continue to make it, day in and day out. Their unwavering courage and dedication inspire me, and I have been so proud to stand with them in this fight.”

Read more.

Abishek Dosi

CEO, Sutter Solano Medical Center


By devoting himself to his team, he devotes himself to patient care

“Patient care to me is giving my very best to serve the community, nurses, providers, techs and anyone who has a hand in patient care. It is my responsibility and pleasure to make their time at SRMC a pleasant experience.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Brandon Thornton

Emergency department tech, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Their teamwork helped a COVID-19 patient recover

“I am honored that he had complete trust in us and our skills, to help him meet his self-care goals and to be able to walk without a walker. Such an amazing outcome when multiple disciplines work together to provide the best patient care possible.”

Read more on NewsPlus.


Janice Gundayao

Occupational therapist, Sutter Delta Medical Center


‘You don’t have to do this on your own’

“I tell other nurses, ‘You don’t’ have to do this on your own. Reach out to other nurses for advice and support and ask for help!’ I encourage them to stay the course and not give up. I tell them, ‘I know it’s hard, but I will be your biggest supporter.’”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Lynnell Hill, R.N.

Pediatric nurse, PAMF


They used the Results Pyramid to help ease fears on the COVID-19 unit

“You could hear was how fearful some of the staff were about taking care of COVID-19 patients. You could hear the stress. I didn’t do all this on my own, but I helped make it happen. I listened, because we want to take care of this team. We know they’re working harder under difficult circumstances. I still go up and round with them.”

Dan Baer

Human Resources director, Sutter Delta Medical Center


She’s thrilled to be part of the Sutter team

“When I got the job offer from Sutter, it was like hitting the lottery. The team that I work with right now, they’re amazing. We do great work. I love helping people and making a difference in their lives. Being a part of the oncology support team is really satisfying.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Ket Velasquez

Medical assistant, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation


With his team in masks, he set up the COVID-19 surge tent

“I have prior military experience, which involved putting up tents. But I’ve never put up a tent like this before. It was a unique learning experience for our team.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Tony Fuzie

Facilities director, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center


During the pandemic, proud of her team and grateful to Sutter Health

“I am so proud of my team during this time. We are all remote workers, and at the end of March, we saw our work drop over 50%. Leadership had to make the tough decision to furlough team members. Fortunately, all of my team stepped up and accepted other job duties. Three team members were taking temperatures at S3 and River Park, and five more worked for the central business office. One team member worked for EVS at Davis.

“This collaboration helped ensure that none of us went without work for long. And for those who did miss a few weeks, Sutter was so generous with disaster pay and the Wage and Benefit Continuation Program. #SUTTERPROUD.”

Michelle D. Torres

Release information supervisor, S3


The whole team works in a new way with COVID-19

“In the healthcare industry, we encounter change often. Needless to say COVID-19 has brought with it a whole new way of how we do things. Although we don’t have all the answers, we are doing our part.

“We want to make sure our patients feel at ease when they step into our screening and diagnostic departments. While our technologists provide one-on-one care for our patients, our clerical team works hard at disinfecting elevator buttons, door handles, chairs, dressing rooms and everything in between. We are a team. And we’re #SutterProud !


Marilyn Langlois Chel

Clerical assistant, Breast Health Center, California Pacific Medical Center


IS and SRMC teamwork gave reassurance despite COVID-19

“When all of this first started, I was doing everything everyone else was doing–buying toilet paper, watching the news, washing my hands all the time, sanitizing everything. But eventually, I had to be on site at the hospital. I took direction from our business partners, nurse directors and operations leadership and wanted to show we were here to support them.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Erika Wallin

Project manager, SHIS


The pandemic makes teamwork more important than ever

“My work during the pandemic has shown me the power of teamwork. As nurses in the ICU, we’ve become closer. We have to rely on one another a lot for moral support. The pandemic has also shown me the importance of family. Much of the time, our patients are unable to have visitors at their bedsides. That’s so difficult for patients and families, and it reminds you how much we need each other. As staff, we try to step in and be the family our patients need beside their beds.”

Shelby Delaney, R.N.

ICU nurse, ABSMC


The power of teamwork helps Supply Chain deliver PPE to fight COVID-19

“When I get boxes of PPE from across the system, it’s like Christmas morning. The emotion that you get when you feel surprised—it’s like gifts. When we get these masks, my heart is full. And when we get the gowns, my heart is full, because I know our community is getting what they need.”

Read more and watch the video on NewsPlus.

Chris Soto

Supply chain lead, Mills-Peninsula Medical Center


The team steps up to the plate in the COVID-19 battle

“Our entire staff had to leave the isolation of our ambulatory surgery department and learn to function in a main operating room. This team of operating room technologists and registered nurses stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenges and struggles of working in a main OR. On top of that, they were now in an area with a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 as compared to our outpatient surgery department.

“It was a crash course in main OR surgery, and they handled it beautifully!”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Jonathan Blank, R.N.

Nurse manager, outpatient surgery, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Celebrating teamwork on IS updates

“We had three IS teams working on upgrading the configuration for the Follow Me Printing badge readers. These are teams that have worked well together on previous projects, but this effort in particular was an example of a good partnership.

“We upgraded 1,900 devices, touched a lot of printers throughout the system and had zero negative impact on our clinical environment. In our minds, this was a great example of what we are trying to get to.”

Scott Forsberg,

Director, Epic and middleware, computer and storage domain, IS


The power of staying positive

“Always staying positive, even just with a simple smile and a friendly ‘Hi,’ can help reassure patients that they are in a safe, friendly place to receive care.”

Bob Britton

Food & Nutrition Services aide, Eden Medical Center


The patient thanked the team

“A favorite part of my job is receiving thank you notes from patients. One of the most memorable came recently from a patient who thanked each staff member who cared for her by name and included details of what each person had done to make a difference in her life. She closed by saying that the Novato Community Hospital team gave her a new outlook on life and that she now aspires to become a nurse.

“Letters like this make me enormously proud of the team at NCH.

Shannon Thomas

CAO and CNE, Novato Community Hospital

The importance of the team

“At Sutter, we’re a team. I learned in the military the importance of the team, and I learned that what you do affects your teammates. What I do now affects Team Sutter. That’s what’s important to me.” Read more on NewsPlus

Phoebe Jeter

Staff chaplain and retired U.S. Army major, California Pacific Medical Center Van Ness Campus

The team is like a family

“The people I work with are like my family. I actually see them more than my own family.

“I’ve been on the other side of the coin myself needing help. It’s the right thing to do, that’s all. I can’t sit and watch someone struggling, and it makes everyone’s day go so much easier if we help each other.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Julie Fierros, R.N.

Sutter Delta Medical Center

Behind the scenes–but making a difference

“We have the privilege of indirectly affecting our patients’ lives and experience of Sutter every day.

“Our team orders surgical supplies and makes sure they are delivered on time for pre-scheduled surgeries, such as cochlear implants. That means we get to give the gift of hearing. Now that’s an incredible feeling!”

Tyler Mortensen

Buyer, Supply Chain Services, Sutter Shared Services

Caring for preemies with respect, dignity

“Our NICU patients are very fragile, tiny and do not have their own voice. We—the nurses, doctors, pharmacists, respiratory techs, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, radiologists, environmental services staff and volunteers—ensure that these babies are cared for with respect and dignity.

“We utilize developmental care and allow babies to grow outside mom’s uterus in a quiet, dark, soft, warm humidified incubator. We limit visitors to two at a time, maintain vigilant hand-washing procedures, judiciously perform invasive tests and ensure the microbiome is preserved. We encourage parents to be at the bedside as much as they can to continue parent bonding and provide skin-to-skin care for our growing preemies.

“Every member of our team supports one another during the crazy moments, as well as the sad moments. That’s something I can’t take for granted.”

Marika Burrell Wright, R.N.

Ashby Campus, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Collaborating to save patients’ lives, around the clock

“Our team–including nurses, surgeons, surgical techs, anesthesiologist and our blood bank–recently worked collaboratively to save the life of a patient with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

“This surgical case was a perfect example of how our Emergency and Surgery Departments are always prepared to provide life-saving care to patients, day or night, seven days a week. I’m so proud that we have such a dedicated team of skilled clinicians that are so passionate about the work they do.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Daniel Piechocinksi, RN, BSN, CNOR

CPMC Mission Bernal Campus Surgical Services

Connecting people with helpful resources

“Recently, a woman sent in a financial donation. On the form accompanying her donation, she wrote that she was having difficulty getting to medical appointments due to a lack of transportation. The gift processor read this and knew something needed to be done. She contacted the major gift officer at that affiliate, who worked with her local colleagues to find a transportation option so this patient could receive the care she needed.

“Everyone benefited, from the patient to our staff. The gift processor took the time to turn the donor’s note into a life-changing experience. The major gift officer was thrilled to know that our gift processor pays attention to these details. The local affiliate staff saw how Philanthropy isn’t just about the money, it is about connecting people in need with resources to help them.”

Alison Sadler

Vice president, Philanthropy Operations