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Bringing excellence to the health concerns of Asian Americans

“Serving on the front lines of the pandemic, I have a unique perspective on health and economic concerns facing Asian Americans. My specific goals are to highlight the health and economic concerns facing AAPIs.”

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David S. Yee, M.D., MPH

Urologist, Sutter Roseville


Her research benefits the care of pre-term infants

“Doing research work is challenging, but it’s exciting to be able to share knowledge with other clinicians to help improve the care for our patients.”

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Linda Dickison, MS, BSN, RNC-NIC



Delivering quality as co-chair of national medical oncology committee

“I look forward to collaborating with peers across the nation who are similarly dedicated to continually improving how we deliver the best medicines to individuals with immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) needing specialized, high-quality and seamless care.”

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Rajesh Behl, M.D.

Medical director, Alta Bates Summit Comprehensive Cancer Center


Despite earlier findings, new Sutter research links muscle mass to hip fractures

“Previous studies suggested low levels of lean muscle mass are unrelated to a higher risk of fracture. This has led some researchers to erroneously conclude that muscle is relatively unimportant for fracture risk. However, these new results suggest low muscle mass is in fact associated with increased risk of hip fractures in older men, even after accounting for factors such as age and bone mineral density.”

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Peggy Cawthon, Ph.D.

Scientist, Sutter Health Research Enterprise


The quality advantage of expanding Sutter’s graduate medical education programs

“Expanding medical education at Sutter is a testimony to our dedication to our communities and an investment in patient access to excellent, compassionate care for many years to come.”

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Peter Hull, M.D.

Chief medical executive, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


She takes joy in a job well done

“I love making a difference in people’s lives. Teaching new parents how to care for their newborns, meeting them right where they are, cheering them on and helping them get off to a great start has been so enjoyable. I also love coaching staff and watching them grow and exceed their goals. It’s so rewarding to see. Knowing I have impacted a person’s life in a positive way brings so much joy!”

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Nakia Wallace, R.N., BSN

Assistant nurse manager, Family Care Center, ABSMC


Keeping up to date with medical care as a first step to overcoming ovarian cancer

“Early diagnosis can be improved by keeping up to date with exams and office visits, knowing your family history and having a good relationship with your gynecologist.”

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Izumi Cabrera, M.D.

OBGYN, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation


Asking the right questions to get to the root of the problem

“Sometimes it’s a straightforward medical issue, but more often I find that stress and scarcity are either the cause of an illness or the reason a patient isn’t improving. I have practiced in the U.S. and abroad and found that people are more alike than different. Nearly everyone at some point faces a challenge or difficulty that affects their health. I’m committed to asking the kinds of questions that help get at the root cause of a medical problem.”

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Jeremy Fowler, M.D.

Family medicine physician, PAMF


Finding ways to save the lives of pregnant people of color from COVID

“By deepening our understanding of COVID-19’s effect on pregnant people of color, we believe we can continue to lessen its impact across our system and beyond, ultimately helping to save lives. This research is critical to informing our work to develop tailored solutions that will help to address equity gaps.”

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Alice Pressman

Research director, Sutter Health Institute for Advancing Health Equity


Installing new smart pumps to enhance safety

“The replacement of the current fleet of smart pumps, and the adoption of bi-directional smart infusion pump interoperability with the EHR, is critical to enhance safe medication delivery to our patients and communities. It’s important that we acknowledge the extraordinary work of the teams who have devoted hundreds of hours to this important implementation all while also confronting COVID-19.”

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Krista Lopes

Executive of Quality and Safety, Sutter Health


Annual wellness visits emphasize prevention and commitment to change

“My hope is that we can accelerate our efforts to advance a model of whole person care, which focuses on prevention and wellness rather than reacting to illness. A lot of caregiver burnout is driven by a feeling that we are stuck on the hamster wheel of sick care, that we don’t truly impact the wellbeing of our patients. We need to get unstuck—and that will require both courage and a collective commitment to change the way we care for patients.”

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Jane Varner, M.D.

Family medicine physician, Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group


She receives high quality patient care–and reassures other patients

“Just three days into my first job at Sutter Roseville, I found out I had a breast cancer recurrence and needed surgery with radiation. I worked in the ED and would clock out for lunch, run to radiation oncology for treatment, then run back to work.

“I have worked for Sutter almost seven years and have been a cancer patient at Sutter for eight years. I have all my surgeries here on campus. I have all the same doctors as our patients. I feel very blessed to be in the position of being able to share my first-hand experience with our cancer patients who check in for surgery. Patients come in not knowing what to expect, so when they see me, smiling and working and healthy, I know it gives them hope and encouragement.”

Brittany Flynn

Patient access representative, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Impacting patient care behind the scenes

“I feel blessed to have the opportunity over the years to provide my input. We are here to take care of patients and make sure they have a great experience. That absolutely includes our telecommunications system.”

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Carol Mansinne-Shafer

WBR telecom manager, Sutter Health


An eye for detail–and for safety in the pharmacy

“Preparation of the final product or compounding of sterile intravenous medications requires a careful, accurate and very meticulous process to ensure accuracy, sterility and viability of the patient’s order. Our pharmacists check both the individual ingredients prior to mixing and the final product before it is sent the floors, and our technicians work in a sterile environment, appropriately garbed to prevent pyrogens and contaminants during the mixing process.”

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Taher Hegab, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Pharmacy Operations Manager, ABSMC


Arming ourselves against COVID and the flu

“Now that we have access to both COVID-19 vaccinations and flu shots, I hope we feel more empowered against these viruses by getting armed for the fall-winter-spring flu season.”

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Ranjani Kalyan, M.D.

Medical director of infection control, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


He brings specialized patient care to meet a specific need

“I know it can be difficult for patients to find doctors who specialize in vitiligo, and many travel very long distances for skin grafts. I’m delighted to bring these techniques for treating pigmentary disorders to Northern California.”

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Amit G. Pandya, M.D.

Dermatologist, PAMF Mountain View


She uses virtual visits to help address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

“Put me on speakerphone—I’ll take questions from the whole family. I think it’s great, because they’re all getting balanced information and can each make their own decisions.”

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Surani Hayre-Kwan, N.P., DNP

Director of Professional Practice and Nursing Excellence, Sutter Health


Committed to patients and staff, at all hours, during natural disasters

“I know I could call anyone on the SHEMS Incident Management team at 3 a.m., if it was necessary. They are committed to our patients and staff, helping make sure they have what they need.”

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Tracy Robles

Integrated resiliency management director, Sutter Health


The sacred duty of keeping the Enterprise Data Center safe

“If the data centers are not available, everything stops. We know that and we know the sacred duty we have to protect it.”

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Jim Silva

Manager, Enterprise Data Center


New linear accelerator brings extra measure of quality care to Auburn

“We all share a commitment to living our Sutter values. This project demonstrates that we are providing our community with excellence, quality and innovation, and we are thrilled to be able to offer this service to them.”

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Nancy Mathai

Regional area director, radiation oncology, Sutter Medical Foundation


Working hard to provide high quality care

“My goal as I start every shift is to have a positive attitude and obtain the accurate information needed to provide care for patients in a safe and effective way that does not violate the patient’s beliefs, culture and traditions, special needs or the company’s protocols with respect and equality. I work hand in hand with charge nurses and my team so we can provide the highest quality of care.”

Sharon Faith Orona

Nursing assistant, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento


The lifelong motivation of doing the best by patients

“My motivation is learning from my patients. It’s like reading a book, where every patient is a new chapter. I am grateful for the many experiences that patients have shared with me and appreciate each opportunity to help those in their times of need.”

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Ronald Hsu, M.D.

Gastroenterologist, Sutter Community Connect


The importance of taking a time out for safety

“We do a time out before every procedure or surgery. It is one of the safety checks that we do to make sure that we do the correct procedure on the correct patient and the correct site, every time.”

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Ashley Creek, R.N.

Nurse, Interventional Endoscopy, CPMC


Celebrating 75 years on the job

“Some people retire at 65, but good grief, I was just getting my second wind at 65. I love watching people get well and get better. Every day, I learn and learn and learn.”

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Elena Griffing

Patient relations representative, ABSMC


Setting up pandemic pop-up mass vaccination sites

“What’s great is how fast we’re able to turn things around when there’s a need. (In) a public health crisis, we can go in and make just about anything happen.”

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Elizabeth Brott

Principal architect, Facility & Property Services


From diagnosis to transplant, heart care in the time of COVID saved his life

“For the first part of me being in the hospital, and because of COVID restrictions, I didn’t have visitors. Even though that was hard on my family, it was almost better because I was truly immobile. With the balloon pump, doctors go through the femoral artery in your leg and you must lay perfectly flat. You can’t bend at the waist because they don’t want it kinking.”

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Tony Kriletich

Radiology tech, Novato Community Hospital


She wanted a new face shield as COVID protection–so her son made 150 for her and co-workers

“This is good for healthcare workers. I spend a lot of time face-to-face with patients, and I wanted a shield that was more long lasting and would help the workers at Sutter Bay Medical Foundation be safe in this atmosphere.”

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Marianne Ghatta, O.D.

Optometrist, PAMF


He had a heart procedure as a Sutter outpatient during the pandemic

“I went in very early, masked. I had no idea what to expect. I never felt anxious. The nurses and anesthesiologist were all masked. Everyone was masked. I can’t tell you the number of times they asked my birthday to make sure they were doing the right procedure on the right person. The staff members were all total pros.”

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Gregg Machel

Web developer, Strategic Marketing, System Office


They set up EHR vaccine workflow for 70 departments in one week’s time

“It’s been wild. This whole thing has been hard to wrap my brain around. It feels crazy that a vaccine was developed in a year—impressive, but crazy. When I look back on my career, this has been the project of my career. Nothing else will be this big.”

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Shelli Page, R.N.

Ambulatory EHR director, SHIS


Working hard to make sure C-sections are done for the right reasons

“Our hospitals deliver approximately three kindergarten classes’ worth of babies every day across our Northern California network, and we maintain some of the lowest rates of birth by C-section in the state. This is only possible because of our integrated network and our investments in systemwide quality and teamwork.”

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Katarina Lanner-Cusin, M.D.

Women & Infants director, ABSMC


‘The vaccine is safe, and it works’

“When I got the shot, it hit me that we’re witnessing one of the greatest scientific feats play out in real time. Nonetheless, our path towards herd immunity is dependent on getting others to get the shot. We need to do our part to spread the word. The vaccine is safe, and it works.”

Alok Patel, M.D.

Pediatric hospitalist, California Pacific Medical Center


COVID-era telehealth visits give new view of patient care

“I am talking to them at home and I can see their home, and they can show me the specific foods they are eating. Do they have a pill box? How are their pills organized? I’m getting a better sense of any barriers they may have to taking their medications.’’

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Marcia Peck, M.D.

Endocrinologist, SEBMF


Checking and double checking to ensure the integrity of the Sutter EHR

“We have to protect the Sutter Electronic Health Record for the safety of our patients, our clinicians and our communities. We have to make sure that what we put into the EHR is going to do what we say we want it to do.”

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Amy Boales

Analyst, Sutter EHR Hospital Services, SHIS


Video visits provide COVID-era care at a challenging time

“You go into this business to spend time with people. Interacting over video works, but it’s not the same. But we’re making the best of it and helping keep people safe and get better in an incredibly challenging environment.”

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Jaimie Cossey

Physician assistant, Gould Medical Group


The importance of the right care at the right place

“As a nurse manager, I directly support pediatric specialists, so I know these experts are in high demand and short supply. Now, as a father, I’ve seen how critical it is that these specialists are available in my community. If we’d had to wait one day more or travel any further for our son to be diagnosed and get the care he needed, his outcome could have been drastically different.”

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Yi Wang, R.N.

Clinical manager for pediatric specialty care, Palo Alto Medical Foundation


He was at the right place, at the right time–with the right skills. And with a heart to help.

“It’s crazy to think that the person I am affecting has the same appreciation for a workplace that I have such a fondness for. You just don’t know how what you do can affect other people.”

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Marsalis Peterson

Desktop and media support technician, SHIS


She goes above and beyond for patients

“This is my second home. I clean at home to keep my family safe, and I clean at work to keep our patients safe.”

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Sulma Zevallos

Environmental services aide, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center


Keeping COVID-19 care safe for patients–and for families

“Iwear a mask the entire shift. That doesn’t come off unless I’m eating or drinking.

“And I slept in the basement of my house for six weeks because there is always the added stress of you don’t want to give it to your families.”

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Andrew Osugi, M.D.

Emergency department physician, Novato Community Hospital


Ensuring safe and effective discharge for patients

“By filling a patient’s prescriptions and educating them before they leave, a patient is more likely to comply and less likely to be readmitted. Ensuring that patients have prescriptions in hand at the time of discharge is a critical component of a safe and effective discharge process.”

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Michael Federico

Director of Pharmacy, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center


Providing infusion therapy at home to keep patients safe from COVID-19

“Since March, an influx of patients flooded the home infusion service due to COVID-19 stay-at home orders. Scared, confused and often frustrated, these patients were typically higher at risk to the virus–yet they’d been compelled to leave their homes to receive their infusions, which provide much needed symptom relief as well as curative therapy. While the Palo Alto Medical Foundation infusion centers made their environments safe for patients and staff, SCAH worked to qualify and admit as many patients as possible to home infusion.

“For some patients, this change was critical in preventing complications or even hospital admission. When our patients had to stay home, we were already there with them, ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.”

Katherine Donelan

Community liaison, Sutter Care at Home


Advances in the eICU meet COVID-19 demands

“We have nurses and physicians providing some of the best bedside care in the country, and the eICU allows us to come in and provide advanced specialized support as they care for patients.

“This is critical in the care for those suffering from compromised lung function due to a virus such as COVID-19. Now with these additional mobile units, we are well prepared to meet a surge of patients from this current crisis or any other that may come in the future.”

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Vanessa Walker, D.O.

Medical director, Sutter Health Valley Area eICU


Recognizing healthcare heroes–the patients and the pandemic teams

“Our healthcare workers through this pandemic are truly heroes. But this is what they do every single day to support patients in our community, and it’s such an honor to be able to give back to them and say thank you.”

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Anette Smith-Dohring

Workforce Development program manager, Sutter Health University


Supporting care teams with music during the pandemic

“I am personally so proud of our team of music therapists who transitioned quickly during COVID-19 from providing direct patient care, to creating telehealth options and by caring for the frontline medical teams at SMCS during the day and night shifts.

“We are seeing firsthand in real time how even brief moments of rest and music are affecting the wellbeing and resilience of entire medical teams and their units.”

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Tara McConnell

Music therapist, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento


Safety and the responsible use of PPEs

“I always make sure I utilize resources responsibly and limit the amount of waste I generate. It feels like second nature to me to conserve. An example would be going into an exam room where PPE is needed and realizing that I forgot something outside of the room. Instead of wasting supplies and removing or discarding my PPE, I verbalize to my colleagues outside to bring me what I need.

“Safety is always a priority to me. With every decision, I always have safety in the back of my head. I want to make sure we keep each other and our patients safe.”

Holly Laurich

Licensed vocational nurse, San Ramon General Surgery, SBMF


She helped bring SRMC’s expansion to life

“Every decision we made was based on what we thought both the staff at bedside and our patients needed and deserved. My colleagues should also know that Sutter made sure to show they cared about our opinion and vision. Most of all, I want them to know they are heroes and should be shown this kind of appreciation for all that they do every day.”

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Betty Babcock

Nursing assistant, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Transforming the care site into a COVID-19 respiratory clinic

“This has been a big change. We had to make a decision to completely change our workflow and process. We tweaked everything. But we are at a point now where we are ready for an influx of patients if that happens.”

Read more on NewsPlus about how Kayce and other Sutter nurses are adapting with best practices for the COVID-19 crisis.

Kayce Ryberg

Nurse practitioner, Sutter Santa Cruz


Dedication to constant improvement

“Our DES boards at Sutter Delta help our staff learn their departments as a business and how their department can improve patient care. We report safety events, because reporting them puts a stop to them.

“Everything relates back to the dashboard measures to help us improve our performance.”

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Nicole Josephson, R.N.

Lean consultant, Sutter Delta Medical Center


Going the extra mile to identify ‘mystery patient’

“I was so glad to help connect this family back together. I know I was just doing my job. Each one of the case managers on our team would have done the same thing to help a patient and in this case a family in need.”

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Relda Raygoza, R.N.

Case manager, Alta Bates

We’re a Sutter Health family

“I‘m so grateful. There are so many people at Sutter who’ve helped me, especially my managers, who have been so flexible with me.

“Now my younger siblings want to go into healthcare and work for Sutter, too. They want to be part of this organization. It’ll be our family thing. We’re a Sutter Health family.”

Shannon Nueske

Business manager, Valley Area neuroscience service line.

Going above and beyond for quality care

“The social work team at Sutter Center for Psychiatry continuously seeks to provide our patients with the best aftercare possible. It is a tough job to seek resources that are not always readily available, especially for our homeless population. We go out of our way to ensure that all patients have adequate and viable discharge plans. We also include families, as they are impacted by their loved ones’ mental health.

“Every member of the team goes above and beyond to always provide our patients the quality care they deserve. We are Sutter Proud.”

Constance Goins

Social worker, Sutter Center for Psychiatry

Helping the community by returning to school

“I decided that if we had a nurse practitioner, it would be that much simpler and easier to provide services, because I am already there. I feel like I can render broader services to the community with an advanced degree.” Read more in NewsPlus

Theresa Nazareno

Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, infection control coordinator

A force of good

“It was really important for me to work where patients get safe care. Sutter has an emphasis on treating patients with kindness and without bias. I wanted the kind of atmosphere where people treat each other well. That’s remarkably different from other hospital settings.”

Lizzy Larson, R.N

Cardio Cath Lab, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

She spoke up–and trusted her instinct

“I care about (this community member), and I had to make sure that she was well. Speaking Up for Safety is one way that we as an integrated network can do what is best for our patients.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Jody Boetzer

Senior development officer, Sutter Amador Hospital, who was so concerned about a community member that she drove to the woman's home to make sure she received care

Delivering personalized care–and then some

“It was in the patient’s best interest. If they left, they would’ve been back anyway because their condition would’ve worsened.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Celina Zelaya-Hassan, R.N.

Sutter Solano Medical Center post-operative nurse, who convinced a patient who wanted to leave against medical advice to remain in the hospital...by helping buy the patient a burger and fries.

A class before new parents go home

“We were looking for a way to help our staff deliver discharge information to our families that’s efficient and effective. Our team created a class that streamlines discharge instructions, helps nurses manage their time and ensures that patients get thorough information when they’re leaving the hospital. It’s been really well received.”

Beth Reed, R.N.

Assistant nurse manager, Maternal Newborn, SMCS

‘Unsung heroes’ keep patients safe

“The employees in the Sterile Processing Departments across the Sutter Health system are unsung heroes. They diligently provide cleaned, disinfected and sterilized equipment for the procedures our patients need. Patients may not realize the efforts that go into the meticulous cleaning of complicated equipment, but the dedicated staff members in SPD know the importance of their job.

“They prevent infections. They help keep our patients safe.”

Karen Anderson, R.N.

Clinical Performance Improvement consultant

A belief in giving great care

“Iam blessed to have my dream job as a NICU nurse! Working in Sutter Roseville for more than 10 years now has been nothing but wonderful opportunity for me to take care of sick babies and premature babies. I always make sure that I do an excellent job by being proactive.

“I am always a patient advocate. I make sure I go above and beyond every time by ensuring the best care and making sure that I am communicating well not only with the doctors but also with the parents. I help my colleagues if needed. I mentor new hires and always give a lending hand to anyone who needs assistance, because I believe in teamwork!”

Jossy Rodriguez, R.N.

Sutter Roseville Medical Center

In a crisis, our presence is priceless’

“Solano’s palliative care team works closely together to provide complex care to those with serious illnesses requiring much physical, emotional and spiritual care. We not only care for patients—but also for their family members and friends. We help our patients make their wishes known—and happen. We assist in completing Advance Health Care Directives and Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. Working closely with case managers, we work to get patients home or to a place that is best for them.

“In a crisis, our presence is priceless. We are a very comforting team for the patients and their loved ones. We advocate for them and work closely with the staff and physicians. Our patients have our phone numbers, which is very comforting for them, as well.”

Lori Durbin, R.N.

Sutter Solano Medical Center palliative care


Keeping the environment safe for patients and for staff

“What inspires me? I would say our patients. And, as housekeepers, we play big role in hospital daily life. We need to keep environment clean and safe for everyone.”

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Anna Kozera

Housekeeper, EVS, Sutter Delta


‘Smart beds’ and the quality upgrade that helps nurses and patients

“We value our nurses and staff at the bedside, and when we have new equipment like this that is state of the art, it sends a message that we appreciate all the stakeholders involved.”

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Shari Marshall

Patient care manager, Novato Community Hospital


The excellence of advocating for patients and teammates

“I strive for excellence and utmost professionalism, and I am a committed advocate for my patients and family and also my colleagues in initiating and maintaining extraordinary standards.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Gaynel Palmer-Davis

Surgical unit charge nurse, ABSMC


The importance of hospice care

“With good, early hospice care, people actually live longer and more comfortably than we often expect. I think it has to do with a reduction in medical complications from treatment, a reduction in people being placed in facilities and allowing people to be at home longer in a less stressful environment.”

Read more.

David L. Tran, M.D.

Palliative care physician, PAMF


Meeting the quality challenge of treating heart patients during the pandemic

“Working as a registered nurse during the pandemic has proven difficult and has tested many of us on emotional and physical levels. At the same time, I could not be prouder to be a nurse in this pandemic, taking care of some of the sickest patients I have ever seen.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Sierra Bailey, R.N.

Cardiology nurse, ABSMC


The option of outpatient knee replacement surgery

“Each patient is unique. For many people, an outpatient procedure is an excellent choice—and patients are able to go home within hours.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Nikhil Tendulkar, M.D.

Orthopedic surgeon, Sutter Alhambra Surgery Center


Encouraging the protective effect of brain games

“I encourage my patients to engage in cognitive activities, including playing brain games. This helps strengthen the brain’s cognitive reserve, and there is evidence that cognitive activity is associated with a lower risk of dementia.”

Read more on Vitals.

Shawn Kile, M.D.

Neurology department chair, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento


Using AI to get to the heart of the matter on heart failure

“We wanted a doctor to be able to pull up a patient’s ejection fraction with one keystroke, so we knew the computer needed to read and display the information instantly. We also needed it to be accurate, so we spent a lot of time testing it.”

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Wendi Knapp, M.D.

Hospitalist, PAMF Santa Cruz


She helps overcome patients’ lingering COVID vaccine fears

“That’s the moment where we get a captive audience to educate them on what the vaccine is and talk about safety, There is still a lot of anxiety around the vaccine. Patients are asking us, ‘Do they really know what they are doing?’ ‘Are they testing this on us?’ Is the data real?'”

Read more.

Carolin Delker, MSN, FNP-BC

Service line director, Sutter Walk-In Care


The importance of COVID vaccination to protect your babies–and yourself

“To protect yourself, your babies and your family, please get vaccinated. Now only about 33% of pregnant women have been vaccinated.”

Read more on Vitals.

Yuan-Da Fan, M.D.

Chairman, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, CPMC


Vaccination and the prevention of COVID spread

“I do feel like when people ask how do we control the pandemic international, people need to get at least the first round of shots. As a pediatrician, I feel like it’s not over for kids, because a lot them haven’t had even their first round, a lot of them haven’t been eligible yet. Honestly, I’m most looking forward to having my family fully vaccinated.”

Read more.

Brian Prystowsky, M.D.

Pediatrician, Sutter Health West Bay


Delivering top quality care through research advances

“Women who attend screening exams regularly are less likely to be diagnosed with an advanced cancer. The best long-term outcomes are seen when cancer is detected in early stages. Mammography, ultrasound and MRI in high-risk women are among the tools we have to identify breast cancer early and help reduce the need for more extensive surgery, radiation and systemic therapy.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Kristie Bobolis, M.D.

Clinical investigator, medical oncologist and hematology specialist, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Reducing pain and improving the patient experience with ERAS

“The Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Program is changing the face of surgery and recovery. With ERAS, our patients are well educated and know what to expect. The patients participate in their care. Together we make the pain tolerable, and we get them home much quicker.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

Gudrun Kungys, M.D.

Anesthesiologist and medical director, SMCS’ ERAS program


Increasing access to the exchange of patient records with EHR Refuel

“We can streamline care with the collaborative information exchange among affiliates–not just at Sutter, but other hospitals. The access to information is crucial.”

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Douglas Brosnan, M.D.

Emergency department physician and chief of staff, SRMC


He spoke up for safety–and was honored for it

“I know it will sound corny, but getting recognized for helping to make the workplace safer for everyone really made me feel great. I feel like my concerns are heard, and it does make me feel like I have been welcomed into the team.”

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Quincy Vau

Phlebotomist, Sutter Davis Hospital


A new, specialized approach to patients with drug addiction

“The fact that we have a position to specifically address the opioid epidemic at the direct patient care level is amazing. This treatment approach is still relatively new to some of us and our communities, like mine, but the fact that the option exists for people who previously had no option is wonderful and encouraging. It brings hope to not only the patients, but the staff who are serving these patients.”

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Brittany Sallaberry, LCSW

Substance use navigator, Sutter Amador Hospital


Vaccination and other interventions to cope with COVID surge

“COVID is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. The only way to even try to get a handle on this disease is to vaccinate as many people as we can, and also continue with social distancing and mask wearing. These interventions work, and we all need to work together to save as many lives as we can.”

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Vanessa Walker, D.O.

Medical director, Sutter Valley Area eICU


A belief in lifelong learning–and quality patient care

“I believe nurses as learners desire knowledge they can apply to their practice to improve patient care. My goal as a preceptor is to facilitate learning for healthcare staff that improves patient outcomes and achieves the goals of the organization. My aspiration as an expert bedside nurse is to support and mentor nurses. I strive to promote evidence-based practice, culturally competent care and a culture of safety for both patients and nurses.”

Read more on NewsPlus.

April Yeargin

Registered nurse, SMCS


Creating processes to support quality care

“I work with many healthcare professionals and supporting experts to create processes and systems to ensure our patients receive the best quality treatment. These systems help our providers (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory care practitioners, etc.) care for our patients in a safe and effective manner.”

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Maria Serpa

Senior pharmacist, SMCS


Vaccine safety and preventing COVID stroke risk

“There is no data to say that COVID vaccines can cause stroke, but COVID itself can cause the strokes.”

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Manoj K. Mittal, M.D.

Medical director, Stroke and Neurocritical Care, Sutter Medical Group


Quality care from every member of the Sutter family

“Everyone—doctors, nurses, EVS, nutrition services—plays an integral part in the patient’s care. And everyone is equally important. I value my dad, and I would never be embarrassed that he cleans rooms in the hospital where I work. His hard work put me here. My co-workers know him and say hi to him all the time.”

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Angela Tang, R.N., MSN

Case manager, oncology, ABSMC Summit Campus


At Sutter, education fuels nurses’ career path

“I love Sutter because they have been so open to us learning new skills and growing and continuing developing as nurses and as people. I’m eager for wherever Sutter takes me next.”

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Megan Barretto, R.N.

Instructor, Samuel Merritt University


Finding new perspectives on ways to improve

“Maternal Fetal Medicine has been doing well, but I like getting an outsider’s perspective on any areas we can improve. That’s the thing about healthcare–we are always trying to learn and grow.”

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Megan Bower, R.N.

Nurse manager, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation


Offering expert tips on returning to pre-pandemic ‘normal’

“When we begin to transition back to our pre-pandemic normal, it only makes sense that we will face a readjustment period that can leave us feeling nervous or uncertain. I remind my patients that anticipatory anxiety is often worse than the reality of the situation.”

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Mercedes Kwiatkowski, M.D.

Psychiatrist, Sutter Bay Medical Foundation


Changing the world, one COVID vaccine at a time

“Giving those first doses of vaccine felt like I was changing the world. I was helping our world get to the new normal. And this is why I’m in healthcare—to help people and care for them.”

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Vanessa Zepeda

Medical assistant, Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation


He volunteers as a Safe Care coach to promote safety and quality

“I volunteered to be a Sutter Safe Care coach because I wanted to see change in our facility about keeping our patients and staff safe. If we all do our part, from staff to leadership, always focused on the patient, then we will have better success.”

Michael Pineda

Transporter, Sutter Delta Medical Center


Rehabilitation among their peers provides support

“In the classes, participants are surrounded by other people who are struggling and sweating and working hard, just like they are. They’re in the same shoes, trying to get stronger. They’ve experienced the hesitancy and anxiety and sometimes depression that can come along with heart issues.

“We create a place where people are surrounded by their peers. They learn they’re not alone.”

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Adrian Schuh

Cardiac rehab exercise physiologist, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital


Her work helps elevate women’s care at CPMC

“CPMC is committed to offering world-class care for women, and the new Sutter CPMC Center for Women’s Health Care will provide expanded services in a modern and comfortable space to maintain wellness, heal and learn.”

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Margo Cusack

Director, Imaging Services, CPMC


Keeping mom–and all our patients–safe and healthy during COVID-19

“My 79-year-old mom, Purisima, who has been in isolation since the beginning of the pandemic, came to our clinic to receive her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. My mother lives alone, so the vaccine has been highly anticipated by our entire family. We want her to be safe and healthy.”

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Judith Vallero, M.D.

Pediatrician, Sutter Medical Group, Davis


When should you go to the ED with COVID?

“Emergency departments are very busy right now treating patients with severe illnesses and injuries—especially during this latest COVID-19 surge. So it’s understandable that some people might be reluctant to come in for care, but there are symptoms that are definitely red flags. If you or someone you’re caring for has COVID-19 and is showing any of these severe symptoms, don’t delay getting care. Please seek emergency medical care immediately.”

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Ronn Berrol, M.D.

Emergency Department medical director, ABSMC


Research recommends preventive supplements to protect against COVID–and so does she

“I have treated more than 100 COVID cases in an outpatient setting, and many of them—even young previously healthy patients–are not returning to their pre-COVID state. I see patients continue to suffer from persistent shortness of breath, brain fog, poor sleep patterns and inadequate exercise months later. This is just the tip of the iceberg for chronic problems caused by COVID-19.

“If there’s even a small chance that safe and low-cost common supplements are helpful to boost the immune systems of my patients, I am delighted to discuss these options with them.”

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Gina Serraiocco, M.D.

Internal medicine physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation


Making an informed decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

“I got the vaccine because I am a kidney recipient, and I already had COVID-19 once and know I can have it again. I just want to get the vaccine to protect myself and my family.

“Do your research, make an informed decision, talk to your doctor and do what’s right for you.

“As soon as my manager told me I could get the vaccine, I cleared my calendar for the day and made sure I could be here.”

Khalid Francis

Respiratory care practitioner, Sutter Roseville Medical Center


Facilitating care and tough conversations during the pandemic

“It has been very, very challenging. It’s very isolating for patients to not have their families with them, especially if they have cognitive impairment. The families are much more anxious, and it makes it harder for us to have tough conversations. It makes our job just that much more delicate.”

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Lily Yeuk Ying Lee, N.P.

Palliative care case manager, Mills-Peninsula Health Services


When he was hospitalized, he saw excellence and quality in action

“The doctors told me that they were going to take care of me. The way they treated me, I didn’t feel worried. I felt calm and confident about the care I was receiving. The nurses never left my side, the test results came back quickly and everyone was very comforting.”

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Michael Collette

Desktop technician, SHIS


Her work helps patients receive the best care possible

“I wholeheartedly believe our health, as individuals, as well as a community, impacts every other aspect of our lives. It’s rewarding to be part of enabling our patients to receive advanced, life-improving and life-saving care as a result of technology.”

Kim Silva

Applications analyst, SHIS


She knows her work behind the scenes makes a difference in patient care

“What we do contributes to improving efficiency and quality of care for our patients. It’s reassuring for me to know when my elderly parents need medical treatment, they will receive the best care due to the tools we have implemented.”

Be Brothers

EHR applications analyst, SHIS


Keeping everyone safe while setting up COVID-19 unit

“Our team members pulled the COVID-19 unit together very quickly to meet the needs of our employees, patients and visitors, assuring we had the PPE to protect all of us.”

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Tim Bouslog

Facilities and guest services director, Sutter Delta Medical Center


Creating the future of healthcare today

“Sutter has clearly demonstrated a commitment to health equity and social justice that has propelled our residency program toward a future vision of healthcare in which all patients are cared for as individuals with unique life stories, struggles and successes.”

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Andy Brothers, M.D.

Family Medicine Residency Program, Sutter Medical Foundation


He protects patients and the Santa Cruz community from COVID-19

“COVID has really highlighted the inequities and disparities in healthcare delivery. It has shown us once again that as people and as an organization we need to be advocates for our patients and communities. That is more important than ever.

“We need to recognize the disease dynamics are changing constantly. One effect of the pandemic is that our blinders have been pulled off, and we need to focus our energies on what’s really valuable in delivering healthcare to a community.”

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Don Hernandez, M.D.

Hospitalist, PAMF Santa Cruz


They kept patients’ COVID-19 swabbing efficient, safe and accessible

“To meet the needs of our peri-operative patients and take some of the burden off of the already overtaxed Sutter Urgent care staff, we in nursing at Sutter Surgical Hospital North Valley offered to take on all of the peri-op pre-assessment patients who required COVID swabbing. In doing so, we were able to continue to meet our community’s surgical needs, provide an accessible service from trained clinical staff and make sure that patients were safe for surgery.”

Judith Robinson

Chief nursing officer, Sutter Surgical Hospital North Valley


He called ‘code blue pediatric’ before the EMTs arrived–and saved the baby

“The patient had such a low heart rate already, and I wanted to call it as a ‘code blue pediatric’ so that we would have all the staff available, including a pediatrician and Respiratory—the whole code team. We were ready to go. The IVs were put in place great, we were able to intubate. We continued with good care and good oxygen for a great outcome.”

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Juan Torres, R.N.

Emergency Department nurse, Sutter Delta Medical Center


A Reliability Champion finds new inspiration in safety

“Being chosen as a Reliability Champion is such a great fit. I feel a renewed sense of influence and purpose in driving a culture of psychological safety, And our hospital colleagues support this work in very rewarding ways. Being a Reliability Champion has added well-being to not only my professional life but my home life as well.”

Craig Blomberg

Case manager, Sutter Davis Hospital


Readying Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center Santa Cruz for COVID-19

“We used guidelines on how to build to an emergency step down unit—a field unit. We involved engineering, facilities, respiratory therapy and infection prevention and supply chain to ensure we were creating an optimal environment for care.”

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Lynne Drummond, R.N.

Quality director, Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center of Santa Cruz


The behind-the-scenes work to prepare for COVID was ‘nothing short of heroic’

“As part of our preparation for the potential COVID-19 surge, IS quickly developed a process to identify, build and activate changes in our EHR to accommodate increased capacity. This was a complex and time-sensitive project, but necessary to be ready to best serve the needs of our patients.”

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Jennifer Sierras

Vice president, Client Services, SHIS


Video visits during pandemic emphasize safety, quality

“My patients have been thrilled to receive quality care from home.”

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Margaret Kirkham

Nurse practitioner, Sutter East Bay Medical Group


Bringing an R.N.’s expertise to the EHR

“As a registered nurse, I indirectly provide care to patients through Sutter’s Electronic Health Record. My role involves building and enhancing the record and troubleshooting issues. My goal is always to make records accessible and efficient, utilizing clinical knowledge and processes, and to help Sutter provide exceptional care to our patients.”

Anjani Shandil, R.N.

Clinical applications analyst, IS


Verifying vendor software, to keep the system safe

“We are determined to create a zero harm environment, because nothing is more important than the safety of our patients and our workforce. I was very proud of my team for handling this the right way.”

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Daniel Harmeson

Desktop manager, Sutter Health North Bay affiliates


Learning flexibility in patient care, making it work in IS

“It was hard to learn something that is so different from patient care. But as a nurse, you learn to be flexible – everything with someone’s health can change at the drop of a hat. I worked with a lot of equipment as a nurse so I had some expertise with technology over the years.”

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Dennis Hangaard

Technical analyst, disaster recovery, IS


Taking the time to protect the patients

“We learned through research that a particular device was not properly protected with a encrypted software. The team supporting these devices can now take proper actions to encrypt them and protect them from possible vulnerabilities. I care about the patients and want them to have the best possible care.  If we all took the time to think outside the box. what else could we change for the better?”

Kristopher Cabreira

Project coordinator, Sutter Health Information Services

‘They know help is here’ 

“Ilove the look on people’s faces when our team arrives. They know help is here and that the baby is going to have the best possible outcome.”

Carissa Simpson, R.N.

Neonatal transport nurse, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

Providing excellence in cancer care

“For our patients and their families, this reaccreditation demonstrates our commitment to adhering to the highest standards of clinical care. For our program to be recognized by the distinguished leadership of the American Society of Clinical Oncology for our initiatives confirms that we are providing excellent cancer care.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Julie Latini, R.N., BSN, MHA

Alta Bates Summit Cancer Services administrative director

Great care from their ‘guardian angel’

“It’s humbling to hear how much of an impact we made and how much our patients appreciated the support we provided them on their journey.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Cathy Anthony, R.N.

Memorial Medical Center oncology nurse navigator, whose patients refer to her as their 'guardian angel'

‘The best care’

“Sutter Health cares about people. When I’ve been a Sutter patient, I’ve had the best care. People here go beyond the scope of what they have to do to make sure the patient is doing well. And now I’m part of the Sutter team!

“I really care for people and for my patients. I’ve had so many health issues through the years, and I know what it feels like to be a patient. When people come in to the clinic with their concerns, I can be part of the solution.”

Wendy Ross

Medical assistant, Sutter Walk-in Care Clinic San Ramon, and member, Sutter Ability Inclusion Resource Group

Taking pride in high standards

“I think I’ve been very lucky. I’ve gotten a lot of support from different mentors, and I never felt they didn’t have time for me. I want our staff to know I have time for them. I want to share everything I know, because when you see people who are really passionate about what they do, you say, ‘I can do that too.’

“I’m proud that we have so many people here at Eden who are so passionate about what they do here in the hospital and for our community.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Anh Juntura

Eden Medical Center’s Stroke Program Coordinator

Speaking up for safety

“As a reliability coach, I’m here to help remove barriers and provide guidance to my department. We can all benefit by speaking up, but I am here to encourage and help my co-workers do their jobs safely for the benefit of our patients and our communities.

“It’s an honor for me to be part of the safety coach program. It’s powerful to know that one nurse like me can help make a difference in changing the culture of safety for the entire hospital.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Rond Allen De Leon, R.N.

Sutter Solano Medical Center emergency department

Improving care for oral chemo patients 

“One initiative we’ve launched in 2019 is to improve the care of patients on oral chemotherapy. Unlike chemotherapy administered in the clinic by clinical staff, patients prescribed oral chemotherapy take their medication at home without direct staff assistance. (Left to right, Kitt Kelly and Angelico Mallari.)

“Our oral chemotherapy nurse navigator Elizabeth Bettencourt, R.N., and pharmacist Angelico Mallari have worked diligently to visit multiple PAMF Oncology sites to educate staff on new processes to improve the care and management of oral chemotherapy patients.

“They have also developed guidelines to help staff learn these new processes—and have shared their expertise through conference calls, onsite visits and one-on-one assistance. The end result is improving and enhancing patient care, both in the clinic and at home.” 

Kitt Kelly

Manager, PAMF oncology/hematology and infusion

Learning all sides of the hospital

“I’ve always been taught to treat other people the way you want to be treated and that teamwork is a two-way street. I volunteer to help out in other departments. When The Joint Commission is here, I like to scribe for them. We get so focused on our own jobs that it’s great to talk to different departments and see what they are doing. It’s a good education to learn the other side of the hospital. I know where all of the fire extinguishers are in the hospital because I’ve been involved in so many surveys over the years.

“Each department has a different way of doing things, and this all helps our hospital run efficiently and provide the most efficient, highest quality patient care. We don’t have that ‘it’s not my job” mentality.”

Vicky DeSimone

Lead analyst, Health Information Management, Memorial Medical Center

Increasing access to diabetes education

“We want to make sure our patients don’t have to travel far for diabetes education. Forty-five to 50 percent of patients here in eastern Contra Costa County have diabetes, Unfortunately, there are not that many resources available to a population that is so critically impacted.

“When leading evidence-based diabetes education classes in this community, I give it everything I have because it could make all the difference in a person’s life.” Read more on NewsPlus.

Shahla Cano, R.D.

Certified diabetes educator and advance diabetes manager, Sutter Delta Medical Center