We deliver healthcare efficiently by using resources responsibly.


Working to achieve zero out-of-pocket costs for patient receiving new cancer drug

“We work very hard to eliminate financial barriers to access and connect our patients with resources to help make these treatments affordable.”

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Amanda Chee, Pharm.D.

Pharmacist, Alta Bates Summit Outpatient Pharmacy

Collaborating to save time and resources 

“Our Purchasing department works with the hospitals and with Revenue Cycle to recoup the documents needed to bill our patients in a timely, efficient manner. This collaboration saves time and resources and helps recover income, so Sutter can keep doing what it does best: help our patients.

“By saving resources, we are able to serve our patients in the manner they deserve.”

Randie McCarthy, buyer

Supply Chain Purchasing, Sutter Shared Services


Supply Chain-Physician Partnership Delivers Millions in Savings

“At the beginning, I think people thought supply chain would be advocating for the least expensive products, but that’s not the case. We advocate for value.”

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Jennifer Carlson

Senior director, Supply Chain, Sutter Health


Tera keeps patients safe during the pandemic with affordable virtual care

“In addition to providing great access to the care team and personalized care, the Tera model offers affordability advantages. Telephone appointments, My Health Online messaging and video visits with a health coach are all offered at no cost to patients.”

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Robert Scrase

TeraPractice manager, Palo Alto Medical Foundation


A caring approach to patient pay

“In claims, you have to be patient and caring. We handle each phone call in a professional and caring manner, understanding what the patient or family is going through. We do everything within our power to help them in getting their balance resolved, whether that’s through making payment, setting up a payment plan or sending them a charity care application. We want to help them every way we can.”

Amanda Burbidge

Claims team member, Sutter Shared Services, Utah


Buttoning down details, keeping payments efficient

“Every single day, my teammates and I ensure that HIPAA is not violated and that patients’ information and privacy is protected when we speak to insurance companies, patients, third parties and others. We ensure proper follow-up is taken on all of hospital claims by meeting timely filing deadlines to receive appropriate reimbursement. It is important that we do our job–and do it diligently–to avoid prolonging the process of receiving payment. We make sure Sutter Health can continue to provide for its patients and communities.

“I really do love my job. The most rewarding thing is being able to help patients every day, even though I don’t speak to them directly.”

Natalie Basaldua

Claims team member, Sutter Shared Services

Listening, helping and advocating for the patient

“As patient advocates, we provide financial assistance to patients who have financial difficulty. We listen to our Sutter patients and provide caring and understanding during their difficult time of need. Our title says only that we advocates for the patients–but we go above and beyond to help them get the medical attention they deserve. With the rise in medical costs, patients are forever grateful that we are here to help them.”

Julie Patterson

Patient advocate, Sutter Shared Services


The black and white of saving money on printing

“We save $5,500 per month compared to last year or about $65,800 per year in copier savings.”

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Gregg Tekawa

Senior Decision Support Analyst, Eden Medical Center


Roseville financial navigator helps lift burdens for infusion patients

“When I first call a patient, I’m thinking to myself: Sutter really cares about them. It’s not just about their health—it’s about their finances and how that affects their mental health, too. It’s just so appreciated that Sutter cared enough to put someone in a position to help them beyond their healthcare.”

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Kay Belluomini

Patient financial navigator, SRMC Infusion Center


He put patient care first in the time of the pandemic–and saved Sutter $1.1 million

“Everyone is pinched in their own way with COVID. In healthcare, it is an especially challenging time. The vice president from (an outside vendor) heard us loud and clear.”

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Elias Johnson-Saucier

Technical analyst, Sutter Health Information Services


The unsung heroes who save Sutter millions in outside vendor costs

“This is our 21st year of providing media services to Sutter’s executives and personnel. What started as a need for computer assistance to Van Johnson has turned into a five-person department providing advanced audiovisual services to all of Sutter Health. Our small department within IS validated more $900,000 in savings in 2018–and more than $1.1 million in 2019.

“My team members are unsung heroes.”

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Ed Brooks

Manager, media services team, SHIS

Affordability through insurance expertise 

“Navigating and understanding health insurance is complex. Every day, my team of coordinators and nurses has the opportunity to teach, explain and guide our partner facilities and patients in how their health insurance works. We also learn something new every day, because we continually ask questions!

“Sometimes, we must have conversations about why something isn’t covered. This is tough. But these conversations become opportunities to think outside the box and come up with alternative discharge or coordination plans that extend outside of insurance limitations. We all work together for our patients.”

Louie Lavadia, R.N.

Managed care regional manager, PAMF

After the wildfires: financial recovery 

“Last year, our team partnered with several other teams—including Finance, Facilities & Property Services, Affiliate Operations and Supply Chain—to recover financial losses related to the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. This work was spearheaded by Ryan Sigel, Risk & Insurance specialist.

“We have recovered funds to repair damaged patient care facilities and also recovered lost revenue, which supports affordability initiatives. These funds will go back into the Sutter system to support the operations of affiliates that serve patients.

“Our team’s collaboration brings the resources needed to restore operations and financial recovery after a major disaster, and that helps healthcare teams focus on taking care of patients.”

Mark Field

Director, Risk & Insurance Operations